[6.28.16 Edit: if you’re a nazi scumbag or a right-wing conservative pro-gun anti-feminist catholic fundamentalist that landed here following a nudge-nudge link from a friend of yours, I have bad news: (s)he’s — and it’s not an insult, just a diagnosis — a moron and, let’s be honest, you’re probably one too. So to be clear: everything that follows is IRONY, as my pseudo, which in french means « the real jerk », could have lead you to understand should you be smart enough to know some french.]

Today, as I was doing my daily check on Twitter, I encountered this very intriguing tweet:

As I wondered who could be so dumb to make such claims, I decided to investigate, and went looking for Tahira Hosseini.

I realized putting the name into a Google Search seems only to convey a bunch of articles like this one , essentially from little right-wing conservative sites, all written around May the 26th, 2016.

I then wondered why this lady, supposedly running the « American-Arab Association of New-York » would not appear in any other context. So I decided to check the AAANY board, only to realize that she was not in it.

I said to myself: « Well, if I was the leader of such an association, I would probably resign or be fired after such claims », so I check the AAANY Twitter account to find this:

Then I realized these arabs are so duplicitous they would probably never admit having such black sheep amongst them: I would have to find another way to unearth the truth.

So I ran a reverse search on the picture and find this article in the Daily Mail, and this picture in the middle of it:

Capture d’écran.jpg

Ahaha, I knew it: she was so embarrassed after her claim that she decided to move to live in the UK, change her name into Kalema « Ruhi » Rahman, and make silly bomb threats in commuters trains, you know, just for fun. But then I noticed the article was written December the 16th 2015, and I went all confused: could it be the other way around? Is it possible that this trial in the UK made her flee to the land of freedom, change her name and become the leader of the AAANY?

At that point I was really embarrassed. Could it be that it was all a fake ? That the first tweet was just a forged screen capture?  That the reason why there was no trace of a so called Tahira Hosseini whatsoever  was just that she did not exist? That the reason why no other major network ever reported the news was due to the fact that it just never happened? After all, reality is well-known to have a liberal bias!

No, I couldn’t believe a women of integrity like « Christina Laila » would allow this kind of things to happen and to spread.

Or would she?





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